How to Interview an Investor

How to Interview an Investor

As a pre-MBA or recent graduate, landing your dream job is not an easy task. After you have sent in your resume and passed the initial screenings you will be asked several questions about your background and experience, as well as your skills. The investor will be the one who decides whether or no to invest in your idea. This is a very crucial interview. Preparing for these interviews can aid you in preparing for the test and secure the money you need.

What is the size of the market for your product?

This question can help the investor gauge the potential of your company. They’ll be looking to determine how large the market is for your products and services and how you plan on tapping into it. Be realistic and ambitious in your projections.

What do you think are the main risks and challenges for your company?

Investors will be interested in hearing what you are planning to do to overcome these challenges. A well-planned strategy for the future of the business will show your confidence in the ability to expand and make the company successful.

Do some research about the investor prior to your interview. This will give you a better idea of their preferences, what kind of companies they’ve backed before and how they like to work with entrepreneurs. You can also search for interviews they’ve given in print or online, where they discuss their investing strategy and the qualities they look for in a company. slot online slot online mpo slot online mpo slot Daftar 19 Situs Judi Slot Online Gacor Gampang Menang 2022